Center for

Epigenomics Research

Epigenetics is the study of heritable phenotypic changes that do not alter the underlying genomic sequence. The Hong Kong Epigenomics Project (EpiHK) is a collaborative and multidisciplinary initiative concerned with investigating the epigenetic basis of healthy and disease states. With the technological capabilities and scientific expertise of more than 15 groups of researchers across five Hong Kong institutions, EpiHK seeks to uncover the underlying causes of diseases, to pave the way for future therapeutic treatments. 

As a subsidiary of EpiHK, the Center for Epigenomics Research at HKUST strives to:

  1. Facilitate the regional advancement of epigenomic methods and research
  2. Collaborate with the scientific community to apply epigenomic techniques to existing questions
  3. Train and advise both novices and veterans of epigenetic research