Center for Epigenomics Research

Why Epigenomics?

Epigenome is the second dimension of the genome which contains collective information of DNA methylation states, post-translational histone protein modifications, chromatin accessibilities and high-order chromatin structures along the genome. The spatial-temporal specific gene expression pattern of cells depend on those dynamic instructions encoded on the epigenome. Understanding the epigenome helps us to elucidate the importance of epigenetic changes in health and diseases.

The Hong Kong Epigenomics Project

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We are a part of the Hong Kong Epigenomics Project (EpiHK). EpiHK is a collaborative and multidisciplinary initiative that takes advantage of the technological capabilities and scientific expertise of more than 15 groups of researchers across five institutions in Hong Kong. The EpiHK team includes experts in the fields of neurobiology, aging, muscle biology, liver biology and regenerative medicine. As a member of the International Human Epigenome Consortium, EpiHK will generate reference epigenome maps of normal and disease cells and make the data publicly available in order to accelerate scientific discoveries.